Installation Service

    Installation Service

    High voltage solutions for demanding applications

    Overhead Transmission Experts

    We Understand Complicated Projects

    Our team has the ability to tackle the most challenging and complex overhead projects through 1000kV. Proven over more than five decades in the industry, MEGATRO brings to the table qualifications and personal services second to none. MEGATRO’s dedication to project performance and safety shows in the awards and bonuses earned on our projects. All of which means that when you work with MEGATRO you can expect unparalleled, comprehensive, and diverse capabilities.

    ·    Innovative design/build solutions

    ·    Fast-track scheduling for tight outage restraints

    ·    Immediate access to helicopter capabilities

    ·    Environmental services


    Fushan 500kV substation capacity expansion and reformation project overhead transmission tower project

    220kV The Beijing Shanghai High-speed Rail power transmission line suspension &tension tower

    Taiyang mountain to Liupanshan 750KV power transmission line project (Taiyang mountain substation)

    Shandong Binzhou Power Supply Company 220kV steel tower of power transmission line loss, repair and reinforcement

    MEPE Kawkarait -Myawady 230KV Double Circuit Transmission Line ( 120 Miles)

    110kV Chikou, #2 Yushi, 110kV Miaosu line road tower tower renovation project

    ·  Installation of drilled shaft, grillage, plate and grout rock footings for lattice steel towes

    ·  Construction of access rodas

    ·  Material management

    ·  Drilling / Blasting

    ·  Verification Survey

    ·  Splicing and testing of fiber

    Yu Heng - Weifang UHV AC power transmission and transformation project of Shijiazhuang - Jinan 1000kV lines tension steel tower project

    Tin au - jiangsu Taizhou ±800kV UHV DC Project power transmission line tension tower

    Quasi -black North 750kV Power Transmission Project suspension, tension and dead-end steel tower